BOND ring


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BOND ring is a manually milled ring, made from sterling silver.

He is made out of one piece, that is shaped through milling. This process causes the rough shape. The working traces are still visible on the rings surface and sides.

The version 'raw' has an oxidized surface in addition, as a result of heating the metal within the working process. This darkness will wear off by wearing the piece.

You can also choose BOND ring in silver or fine silver. The whitish fine silver is quite soft, therefore it will get even more signs of usage.
The rings with is approx. 1.3 cm and a material thickness of around 1.6 mm.

All versions are polished on the inside, to guarantee a smooth wearing comfort.

Please take into account that each ring is handcrafted and therefore one of a kind.

As an average delivery time takes between 1 and 2 weeks. 

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