B1 ring - Blue Sapphire


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Is a solid ring made from sterling silver, oxidized silver or yellow gold-plated (18 kt) brass.

This B1 ring is 5 mm strong, the ends have a diagonal cut with polished surface, as well es the inside of the ring for the extra smooth fit. The ring's outside is matt, working traces are kept.

Optional you can get this ring in Silver with white Sapphires.

For other ring sizes, different metal alloys, like solid gold etc., or other precious stones, please get in touch and we'll do our best to assist you.


Oxidised silver
A special kind of tincture is applied onto the silver, causing an extreme oxidation of the material. It is not harmful at all, neither to your skin nor to your clothing.
First black then anthracite, this effect will age with wear, how fast depends on how you wear the ring. The ageing makes the jewel look even more charming, instead of being a loss of quality, though the oxidising of the ring can be done again at any time.

Please allow up to 14 days for crafting before delivery.


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