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B KREB jewelry I Front page MARIKA MAGAZINE

Herewith I'd like to proudly share that B KREB jewelry's latest editorial has made it to the front page of Marika Magazine Thanks to the amazing collaboration with:                                           Photo: @matthiaspreiss_photography                                          Model: @lisa.sophie.baermann                                            MUA:                                          Fashion: Check here for more:


Défilé Fabian Schmidt Clothing I B KREB jewelry

B KREB jewelry kindly thanks fashion designer @fabianschmidtclothing for being part of his outfits during his catwalk  @julesverne_sb in Saarbrücken - on the occasion of the finissage from the exhibition 'The essence of men’ by photo artist Varvara Kandaurova & adas.h3art Photocredit  @bennydutka  Make-up  @black_kay74  Cutator  @onkelmanisch Models  @varvarakandaurova @adas.h3art @marciadzeyk  @miaaa_j.h @harschin