B1 necklace - L


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B1 necklace - L is made from solid sterling silver.

The amulet's strength is 1 cm, worked hollow from the back to make the piece lighter. The diameter of the circle is 5 cm, it has an oval eyelet on the top and is attached to a solid silver chain.

B1 amulet is 3D printed, casted and finished by hand, therefore each piece looks slightly different. 

Available in silver or oxidized silver.

The neckpiece's finish is matt.

Its weight is around 130 g.

For a smaller version check out B1 necklace - Raw.


Oxidized silver
A special kind of tincture is applied onto the silver, this causes an extreme oxidizing of the material. It is not harmful. Neither to the skin, nor to your clothing.
The jewel‘s surface changes from black to anthracite and will use off more and more after wearing the piece, how fast depends on how it is worn. We think though, this used-look makes the jewel look even more charming, instead of being a loss of quality.

As an average delivery time takes approximately 2 weeks. 


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